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Posted: 2011-10-21 09:58
In successive annual state budgets the allocation for housing has been declining. In sharp contrast, investments in other priority sectors of the economy have grown steadily and substantially over the plan periods. The comparative decline in investment in housing accompanied by increase in the population and the per capita income, severe shortage of serviced land and unwarranted increase in land and house prices have culminated in the present housing shortage.

According to the 1981 Census, the country had a backlog of 23.3 million dwelling units of which 16.3 million units were accounted for by the rural areas and seven million by the urban areas. The National Building Organization (NBO) of the Ministry of Urban Development estimated the housing shortage to be of the order of 28.5 million units in 1988.

By the turn of the century, the housing shortage was expected to go up to 39 million, 30 million in the rural areas and nine million in urban areas. The total investment required in the decade 1991-2000 at 1985 prices for removing the backlog of housing and creation of new housing stock for increased number of households has been estimated at Rs.1,40,000 crore. According to the draft Housing Policy, Rs.77,496 crore are proposed to be invested in the Eighth Plan.

In Cochin Real Estate developments have got accelerated mainly due to the increase in investments from the expatriate community and also the private builders. The state government is literally unable to have a major say in the state of affairs mainly due to the free run of the market forces. The factors of demand and supply now determine the final price of a finished built up space in the city. Due the escalating land prices, the government is now unable to develop new buildings on its own as in earlier times.


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Ser Ilyn Payne!



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It's double-barrel blending time, and I ain't referring to dual frog dacquiries.



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Is it possible when banning an account for spam to delete all of the account's posts? Would reduce board clutter.


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>Is it possible when banning an account for spam to delete all of the account's posts? Would reduce board clutter.
I have seen it done. But, apparently, the Ser Ilyn Payne
has fallen off the wagon and our phorum is dying.

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