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Posted: 2019-01-02 00:53
Funny to read this thread from the start.

I'm curious if SEC will give a green light this year or next.

Swiss regulator sets 800% capital for any presence of BTC in portfolio. Some start.

Also G20 finally agreed to create framework. It can happen this or next year. They dont feel any rush.

Earlier my estimation of minimum was - 3000. Basically, happened. Today my estimate is that 1000 is still possible, because 50% of HODL'ers (8M BTC) have bought it at average price of 1000. They have "pizza price mentality".


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Posted: 2019-01-19 16:38
I have a colleague who's setting up a regional crypto exchange. All the competitors are pretty weak, even by crypto-exchange standards. So the goal is to beat all the competition in terms of technology.
Maybe you should start with smth less complicated..Try to read about trading in general, investment (originators of mintos, for example).
Your link shows flat rates of pending transactions. And you're referencing Bloomberg as proof to someone who does this for a living. That makes no sense.
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