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Posted: 2015-07-08 07:13
I have been working in the technology industry within product management and data science for past decade - currently in a Director/VP level role. Prior to that I have PhD in Computer Science from Ivy League University and undergrad in Computer Science from IIT (in India).

I am quite bored with management role and don't see much of learning curve for me in technology. It's mostly managing releases and product timelines - and most large companies are bureaucratic and small ones just implode because the market changes so quickly.

So I want to move to a quant finance role at a tier 1 investment bank or a top hedge fund. Basically, I feel I will have something new to learn for rest of my life, work in large major cities (not in obscure suburbs like it is in tech) and get paid fairly well. And I know enough about building technology/products now to always build a fintech startup later.

Is CQF a good program for me to make the transition? Note that I am 36 now, and might be too old for a MFE program (not to mention opportunity cost in terms not working for a year).

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Posted: 2015-07-09 05:20
There is nothing that an Ivy PhD in a science/math/tech discipline is going to learn in the CQF that you couldn't learn quicker/better/cheaper by reading a few books

So the only thing a CQF is going to offer you is a "credential". And not a particularly advanced one.

Why not use your Comp Sci PhD to look at something like speeding up monte-carlo valuations of options, or some clever way of detecting outliers/regime shifts in time series; and get an article or two or three published in "Risk" or "Bloomberg" magazines?

That is sure to get you noticed by headhunters far faster than getting a CQF

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