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Posted: 2016-06-14 11:29
I've recently stumbled across this forum and was hoping some of my questions could be answered.

I recently finished my first year of uni. I'm doing a dual degree in electrical engineering and business in conjunction with my school's B-school.

Currently, I'm interning at a small quant firm in LA in a software role. I'm looking to apply to places like Jane St next year for trading intern positions and I'm becoming more aware of the grueling interview process. Through browsing this forum, I've seen a couple of people post that they interviewed for Jane St and was hoping that they could point me to some resources.

Mostly looking for resources you guys utilized for mental math and probability/statistics that would provide good prep for the interviews. I have downtime after work and want to use that time to prep for next year (I understand the arbitrary nature of even getting an interview at such firms but want to be prepared nonetheless).

Thanks a lot for your time.


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Posted: 2016-06-14 13:18
Ed, is this you? didn't you have a HF of your own back in the 70s?

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Posted: 2016-06-14 13:39
Drexel screwed my fund. Planning on hoping back into the industry.

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Posted: 2016-06-14 23:16
Ed, sorry I was totally messed up on MELT when you called me in 1990; don't call at 9AM on a Saturday morning after most of San Fransisco is out at some all night party. btw, your son is shitty at tennis.

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Posted: 2016-06-15 02:36
His tennis skills translate over to his fund running skills. Both are, I'm pained to say, horrible.


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Posted: 2016-06-15 10:00
i would imagine experience with functional programming (ocaml in particular) would be welcomed


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Posted: 2016-06-15 10:39
Thanks for the info :)


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Posted: 2016-06-26 03:00
Part of the homework is knowing where to look. Quora would be a start:

What is it like to be an intern at Jane Street Capital?

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