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Posted: 2016-06-16 22:43
Hi all! I would like to know which books to read to know a little or more about trading. I would like to educated my self. I'm thinking of trading in penny stocks in Sweden. So i would like to know which books is must read before you start to invest your money. By trading i mean lon term positions and not micro short term.


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Posted: 2016-09-03 12:43

That really depends on your background and on the degree of automation of your trading.

Do you want to write a trading algorithm and let him do the stuff, or do you want to trade mostly manually? What do you already know about stocks and basic econ?

I myself can recommend the (free) trading course of Grimes ( if you want to do manual stuff. His book also has good reviews, but I have not read it.

For a more automated approach, I can recommend this book ( It implements a trading strategy and goes through the various steps needed to optimize it. Though this may be more of a short term approach.

Regarding portfolio optimization, I also do not know a good book, but would be interest in one.

Oh, and start with a test account. Otherwise you will blow all your money.
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