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Posted: 2016-09-15 19:10
Does anyone know the location/file that has the list of all historical xbrl filings?

similar to this this, but instead a list of the xml files.

haven't been able to find on the website, but i could just be an idiot.


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Posted: 2016-09-24 22:52
A few years ago I setup a Linux box to wget every file on EDGAR with a bash script. It took 3 days on a 100Mbs pipe but it was a shitty sequential script.

IIRC I think there are some index files (as the file names are [deliberatley] nonsensical). To answer your question I can't recall how I found them but it wasn't hard. I think I started with the search function in EDGAR looked at results then used Google search instructions for the index files.

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