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Posted: 2016-10-08 09:30

any you guys played around with this? ease of use? seems fast.

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Posted: 2016-10-08 09:45
Negative - but looks good.
I note it is part of OpenFin - and we had conversations with them some time ago. Wasn't all as open as the name would suggest which was disappointing - the technology was good.


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Posted: 2016-10-08 09:46
why the non-standard license...

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Posted: 2016-10-08 11:20
We use OpenFin as a client for all of our decision support tools (analytics, data visualization, portfolio optimizers etc) and we've used some ideas from hypergrid in one of our apps but not their implementation directly.

why the non-standard license...

It's MIT + this: "You may not redistribute the software or modifications as part of any application that can be described as a development toolkit, library or framework."

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Posted: 2016-10-08 11:45
I can put you in touch with the guy that wrote it for openfin, if you'd like ... Since I know him, there is, of course, an APL/K/kdb/Q hook into it as well as the usual json/xml/other-crap-i-dont-do hooks

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