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Joined: Nov 2016
Posted: 2016-11-05 19:01
If anyones looking for a direct access to options/derivatives data - we offer high performance enterprise grade streaming analytics feed; most accurate implied volatilities, explicit (analytic) greeks, exercise boundaries, discrete dividends (fixed and props) and predictive analytics. All analytics are streaming real-time (ultra low latency) covering global markets from over 230 exchanges worldwide - co-located in US/Europe etc. Check out - we've create a groundbreaking option analytics engine based on our proprietary first ever accurate analytical solution to price American options. Matching the accuracy of the 10,000 step trinomial tree and ultra fast at the same-time.

This includes many custom features for market markers, hedge funds, broker/dealers and major banks. We're just providing a customized API, professionals can input their own custom functionality and ask our support team - we can build any number custom requirements.

Covering equities, index, forex and commodity options - millisecond / microsecond latency.

For more information please go to - more updates coming soon.

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