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Posted: 2016-12-11 19:02
Hello NP,

recently I have implemented a pension calculator according to German mortality* table and compared which pension I would have got, if not contributed to the state pension system but saved by myself.
The result was very sad: the father state (Vater Staat) robs me! What it promises to pay is even less than I expect to contribute (and this is in the sense of nominal value, not present value!)

I encourage you to check whether the same is true for USA. I have implemented a calculator according to the SSA Life* Table
By the way, in Germany one can (so far) become a contractor and avoid the robbery.

*in Germany they call it mortality table (Sterbetafel) and in USA it is life table.
Quite a good sign for culture differences ;) - Knowledge rather than Hope: A Book for Retail Investors and Mathematical Finance Students
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