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Posted: 2016-12-12 03:48
I apologize if the subject of this post has been addressed before but I couldn’t seem to find a post in which it had.

After doing much research and information interviews, I’ve realized that I would like to switch to an FP&A role and was curious on how I would get there based on my situation.

Briefly, I have a predominant accounting background with a few years of public accounting experience. I have my CPA license as well. Currently I work as analyst for a large insurance company (F500). The majority of my work is preparing monthly reports for management and investigating variances. (It's hard to explain without divulging too much, but my current company doesn't have actual FP&A roles, so switching in company is not an option)

I have some desirable skills for the role but not all.

Based on my experience, would I be able to get the role without improving my qualifications or would I need to improve my qualifications by getting an MBA or passing the CFA exam? Particularity if I want to get into a interesting/ good industry?

The MBA or CFA question is particularly interesting to me. Given that I’m not making such a monumental career shift, it seems hard to justify the expense of an MBA. Conversely though, would having my CFA be a good substitute?

More on the MBA.. As said above, since I’m not making a huge career change, would I be able to ‘get away with’, so to speak, not going to a top tier program? If I was a marketing brand analyst and wanted to become an Investment Banking analyst, I could see the need to shoot for a Stanford or Harvard, but as it is, my career shift is not that dramatic.

Thanks for your help and I was curious of your thoughts!
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