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Posted: 2016-12-27 00:41
How good at C++ or Java does one have to be to work at an algorithmic trading firm / quant firm (Jump, Two Sigma) as a quant trader / researcher? I have a strong background in statistics and machine learning and experience with Python & R but no professional experience using C++. I used C++ in a basic capacity when taking algorithms and data structures in college.

Is it a level I could reach by working on personal C++ projects and familiarizing myself with the language & common libraries? Or is the expected level much higher (i.e on par with someone with years of experience using it in a production environment).



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Posted: 2016-12-27 12:27
I know some quant traders who don't know C++ at all and some who are good at it. A quant/algo trader is supported by professional C++ devs. It helps if you know C++ at some level, because then it's easier to understand the technology you are using.

Knowledge of some language used for statistical research (Python/R/???) is a must.
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