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Posted: 2017-01-28 22:34
Given the unique vantage points of folks like yourselves on this forum where global commerce & politics are concerned, i.e. considering economic cause & effect, thought I'd start a discussion for anyone interested...

The 'big picture' of socio-economics definitely seems to be centered on globalization/consolidation, but do you think there are any incentives at the national level for a 'top-down' plan to increase localization of supply chains, infrastructure security/communications, etc?

With Trump now in the big house, the populist perception is that we're cutting ties with many countries and becoming "isolationist" which, in regard to stability of supply chains and web security might not be such a bad thing...I'm not trying to make a political statement for or against here, just a perception.

Seems a lot of the younger adults in affluent areas of the U.S. (Portland, Seattle, Austin, etc) favor a localization movement for food & such, but I wonder about other things, such as making local cybernetworks ("Intranets" perhaps). The first word that came to mind for this was 'balkanization' which seems to be a dirty word, and there are more than several articles on various sites with titles involving 'balkanization of the internet,' but again, I think it wouldn't have to be so all-or-nothing, black-and-white. There obviously could be plenty of interchange with the outside world where 1st Amendment-type issues are concerned, but for commerce and security of such, I wonder if a good medium could be achieved.

Take that rambling as you will...any thoughts welcome.

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