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Posted: 2017-02-27 00:12
Hi guys. I'm about 10 years out from my PhD in Chemistry at a top-tier university. After that, I did a 4-year gig modeling biological systems (dynamical systems, basic stochastics), and then moved into a managerial position at my university. Still doing that - managing scientists and running a department. I've been interested in finance over the entire time since my PhD, but the opportunity to explore took a backseat to developing the solid career that I have now. Thing is, what I do is not all that stimulating, and I'd love to at least talk to some people who do quant finance for a living. I don't use half the math I once knew in my current career, but I was conversant in linear algebra, ODEs, & probability. I still use a ton of VBA and occasionally SQL in my daily work, and back in the day, I wrote models in Matlab and occasionally, Mathematica. I know *nix pretty okay, enough to administrate my own system. And I have written in R, which is a cool (if slow) package for analysis.

Of the work that I do in my current job, I am most excited about the financial management & reporting. I'm responsible for asset allocation of my operating fund (~$20M) and for strategic liquidations of my endowment to provide for my operating fund (i.e., market timing). It's not much in the way of responsibility, since my options are limited, but it does leave me wishing to do this sort of work instead of everything that comes with managing scientists.

Is my background of interest to people in your community? Is there a recruiter or someone I could talk to? I'm located 7 miles from Boston, MA.

Email: 01xtal01 at gmail dot com
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