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Posted: 2017-03-28 13:20

Is it worth going in this direction if you want to build a (relatively) stable career in quant finance?


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Posted: 2017-03-28 15:16
The principle sounds a little like pooling and executing big tickets in equity space (which is done by algos afaik but I am not an equity guy). Not sure though whether I would call this super quantitative... it probably works for asset classes that are reasonably liquid and exchange traded but everything that doesn't fit the description (although the market is moving in this direction, especially bonds) falls through the cracks.

Bottom line: if you could come up with more details (what does this desk, in what way, etc.) you increase your chance of a good answer Smiley.

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Posted: 2017-03-28 23:49
All depends on the firm and the asset class.
Some firms handle a lot of risk in here, others literally warehouse it super-short term - to facilitate client flow.

It mentioned Citi in the bottom of the article - they used to run a proper CRB. JP still does in EQ, and UBS did. Not all firms do, nor have ever have run one...


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Posted: 2017-03-29 02:41
I feel like this could be a really really great gig actually; I'm not sure if the economics are in it, but seems like a possibly fun way to leverage years of trading experience across a lot of different stuff. Or is this not X-asset?

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Posted: 2017-04-06 23:21
Mostly equity, in a US bank.

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Posted: 2017-04-24 20:22
Not just US banks...
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