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Posted: 2017-05-12 09:12
As some of you may remember I am in the process of launching a US onshore hedge fund with an American citizen (50/50 partnership).

I am talking to a number of US migration lawyers to get clarity on the path to the US working visa, but it seems quite a minefield, so I was curious to know if anyone here has got an E2 Investor visa (that is the only visa that will work for me), and maybe give your opinion on some of the hurdles you encountered:

- what was the minimal E2 investment for a hedge fund startup

- better try E2 visa from day one (co-owning the GP/LLC company from day one and invest from day one)
- better try E2 visa later by purchasing 50% of the GP/LLC company once established (this means staying out of the US till then)

- how about hiring US workers: some say if the business does not hire US workers within 2 years, the US will not renew the E2 visa after that period, and you must leave the US

- did anyone try the L1 path instead of E2, opening a offshore branch of the US LLC?

Thank you.
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