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Posted: 2017-06-22 03:57
I realise that there is a jobs section, but like others, I am not able to post there and am receiving no response from the admin, so here goes:

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and exceptional developer to join our equities trading unit, which forms part of our established and close-knit R&D team. Our equities trading unit is focusing on:

- time series analysis of financial data;
- analysis of historical company data;
- analysis of multiple companies across multiple data fields for a single time frame; and
- historical back-testing.

Remuneration is competitive, will be based on experience, and a material component will be participation in the firm's bonus pool.

Skills & Requirements

Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest in systematic trading, be intellectually curious, passionate and driven. The successful candidate will have a record of exceptional academic accomplishment.

Required skills:

- experience building equity back-testing software;
- outstanding technical skills in .net technologies and Visual Studio IDE;
- advanced SQL capabilities; and
- experience in software development life-cycle processes (agile development, source control, release procedures etc).

Desirable skills:

- exposure to functional languages; and
- proven ability to work with big data.


Melbourne, Australia

About Kaiser Trading Group

We are an innovative, research-driven investment manager that aims to deliver superior performance for our institutional clients. Our investment approach is short-term, 100% systematic, multi-strategy, multi-asset and utilises advanced computer modelling. The principle of the investment thesis is using pattern recognition to make short-term directional trades. The concepts are derived from discretionary technical trading decisions based on patterns in price action. The firm currently manages approximately US$600m.

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Posted: 2017-07-10 18:49
You have no email address listed... give me a shout if you're open to using search to fill your roles. Cheers.

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