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Joined: Jun 2008
Posted: 2017-12-27 23:07
Hi Everyone,

We recently finished a wire to wire 150ns CME system (excluding algo logic part). We will be at ~120ns with the current FPGAs (or much less depending on the new FPGAs coming out) within the next 6 months with the upgrades that we started to build already. We are connected to CME currently and did real trades to test the system.

We are looking to open the technology to everyone and level the playing field for both ULL trading and execution quality.

We solved many issues related to FPGA trading and compiling algos from C to FPGA.

We are a small group of few people and built the system with our own financial resources. We are looking for 10 clients to partner with. If anyone would be interested, please PM me for details. Also, comments/questions are much appreciated.

Please only pm me if you are truly interested in exploring partnership opportunities. I am happy to share more info/ answer questions in the forum as long as it's allowed so that we don't waste energy repeating same answers for everyone.

To Admin: I looked at the forum rules but could not find anything about a partnership postings. Please let me know if this is not within your acceptable rules, I will remove it. Because our goal is to bring this type of technology to everyone, I thought it was appropriate to share it here.
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