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Posted: 2018-09-26 09:49
HS1600 is a compact and robust textile foil slitter machine.It has the ability to rewind on both on 1 inch, 3 inch and 6 inch cores. No matter you need slit narrow rolls or wide small jumbo rolls, this machine is very high productivity due to many time-saving functions and humanized designs.
Product parameters:
Model HS1600
Foil Web 300-1600mm
Mother Roll Diameter 800mm
Finished Roll Diameter 600mm(3” core); 250mm(1” core)
Knife Shear Knife; Razor Knife
Min.Finished Width 25mm
Rewind Core 1”, 3”, 6”
Slitting Speed 400m/min (3” core); 150m/min(1” core)
Standard Function:
- 3” and 6” shaftless unwind
- Jumbo roll pick-up
- Foil joint table
- Ultrasonic edge guider
- Laser core positioning
- Unloading tree
- Automatic jumbo roll lateral adjustment
- Automatic finished roll unloading system
- Automatic laser core positioning
- Waste winders
- Sick safety radar Foil Slitter price
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