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Posted: 2019-04-07 22:00
Okay, I tried asking this on Wall Street Oasis before, but they just chewed me out with questions like how much are you making etc...

I dropped out of University around 5 years ago because I already had a solid trading strategy and because the college I was too easy and had below average professors (many foreigners).

I was able to make 50% a year for four years, which allowed me to a save a little, but not much (I was living in an extremely high COL area). Along the way, I found out what I'm really good at and what I don't want in life. When I live alone and stay really focused, I found out I am near genius (if not genius), when it comes to trading strategies and identifying new trends. I finished out trading by buying into cryptocurrency near it's all time low and realizing an average gain of over 500% by selling along the way up.

What I found out in college: hated my finance courses (most weren't related to trading, but doing stuff an internet calculator can already do like calculating a mortgage).

What I confirmed while out of college: traditional finance is boring and does not appeal to me.

I have no regrets about dropping out. If I had graduated, I would have graduated into a very bad job market anyway with the average finance grad making 26-34k/yr.

What I definitely don't want to do:

1. A traditional financial adviser role where you're not actually a portfolio manager and are just taking huge fees and offer nothing special in terms of performance.

2. A market-maker or trade execution role, where you're just clicking buttons and have no skin in the game.

3. Almost anything related to government.

I've spoken to many people and they all concur that I should do what I'm good at. My Dad thought I should be a doctor, but changed has mind after I told him about my skills.

If I had to pick what I would do:

1. Proprietary trading (but most firms are only seeking quants now).

2. Investment Banking (analysis/portfolio management/deals would be 3rd).

3. Hedge Funds.

4. Entrepreneurship.

5. Private Equity.

6. Some Pie-In-The-Sky Ph.D.

7. Some Pie-In-The-Sky Government Role.

8. Hedge Fund Administration.

9. Lawyer working at hedge fund or investment bank.

10. Software engineer (but working at gaming or low stress company, couldn't take the stress at finance because I'll probably be below average at best no matter how hard I try).

I have 6-7 classes left to finish a basic degree (Summer/Fall). From everything I've read over the years, it seems my best bet is to get a job in investment banking, save a million or two, and capitalize on my experience to get a funded trading job at a hedge fund (depending on how good my bonuses are in investment banking).

I'm transferring to a top 80 school and plan on majoring in history because I'm interested in that the most. I might even stick around and do a Ph.D in it if I can't get the right job offer.

Any advice on what school I should go to? Does it matter that much as long as I'm in the Northeast? Or do I need to be in New York State?

Thank you very much in advance.
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