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Posted: 2019-10-04 22:07
Recently there has been an Italian company that has gone from a capitalization of 1 billion to about 180 million. And maybe it will fail. (bio-on)

A ny fund called Quintessential has carried out extensive analyses that demonstrate the improprieties of society. Looking at the short positions of the funds on the company, the Quintessential fund does not appear but other small hedge funds do. Today, reading an article by Business Insider, I read that the Quintessential fund has taken a position with derivatives. But there are no ordinary stock options on this company.

So I thought that maybe they bought some cds, exotic options or professional cfd in OTC.

Exotic options, cds, and cfd are usually built by banks such as gs, gs, db, bnp etc.. In exchange for a large commission, they provide you with the product. But they operate under cover.

Looking at who takes short positions on the companies never appear the banking counterparts and I have the doubt that maybe treating otc products have no reporting obligations. So these data we see are wrong.

If the theory is right we can say that hedge funds that do not want to pay large commissions sell directly the shares or ordinary options. While those who want to hide their hand use these otc products in return for paying more commissions.

What do you think?
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