Phorum Guidelines  

 Phorum Guidelines
Don't be a leech.
If someone helped you out, please pass on the goodwill. There is always someone dumber than you and whose day you can make by helping them.
Don't post in the Off-Topic section only.
If you are not interested in discussing phynance-related topics, there are plenty of other forums that you can join and who will be happy to have you.
Don't ask questions that can be answered by a modicum of your own effort.
The internet offers plenty of alternatives when searching for basic information. You do not need to ask: "How do I calculate the YTM of a treasury bond?" or "Can I have a spreadsheet for building a binomial tree?"
Also, try to be specific in your question, rather than asking a vague and generalized question such as: "What is the best way to trade?", "How do I make money trading swaptions?" or "How do I get a job in the Front Office?"
Don't talk about politics or religion..
Those topics tend to get out of hand rather quickly. Again, there are plenty of other forums that cater to these kinds of content.
Don't abuse someone for no reason.
While a moderate dose of abuse, sarcasm and leg-pulling are fine if they fit into the context (after all, in trading most communication takes the form of four-letter words for reasons of efficiency), don't simply start insulting people for no reason.
Don't delete your posts.
If you said something stupid... don't worry about it. We all make mistakes. But deleting your posts leaves threads in a confused state and is very much frowned upon. If you created a thread that in hindsight appears superfluous or stupid, sooner or later it'll be moved to the trashcan. That's what it's there for.
Note that we are fairly allergic to this behaviour and editing your posts into oblivion is very likely to get you banned, your house set on fire and your pets sold to the glue factory.
Don't spam the phorum.
If you are interested in getting coverage for your product, build up some credits with the community first by helping people out in the area of your specialty. In return, we might give you coverage of your products or services for free.
Don't create multiple identities.
If you do, something bad will happen to you.
Try to spell correctly.
We all make spelling mistakes. It’s no big deal.
However, writing your question in the style of a 13-year old pimple-faced kid with ugly glasses that wants to sound cool ("Yo, cn u h3lp m3 with dis?") will result in you being treated as all such kids are treated the world over: either ignored or tied to a chair and slapped silly with a ruler.
Trafficking weapons or narcotics.
The sale of weapons or narcotics through the forum is subject to a 15% sales commission.