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Joined: Oct 2004
Posted: 2009-05-21 03:33
Can anyone recommend a high reliability virtual private server hosting company? I need to host a low bandwidth business website. I thought I found a great solution at (clustered, guaranteed CPU, RAID 10 storage, good price) however my server is now giving me filesystem errors which is a bad bad thing for a virtual server so early on.

Edit: trying

Ser Ilyn Payne
Reactor Core Engineer

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Posted: 2009-05-21 07:48
Have positive experiences with both of these:

Generally, virtual private servers tend to be a bit flaky (it's just in their nature). If at all feasible, go for a dedicated one (for a low traffic business website it might not be worthwhile).


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Posted: 2009-05-25 23:20
I've used many times and had no major problems - that being said the one time I had an issue their support staff weren't brilliant.


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Posted: 2009-05-28 16:27
For un-managed I would go with:

More managed (software updates, security patches etc) I would go with:

Both owned and run by Rus Foster, who does not over-load servers and knows what he is doing.


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Posted: 2009-06-09 01:01
A slightly cheaper option which seems to be on par with Slicehost is I am currently using them and am so far very pleased.


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Posted: 2022-05-17 17:37
If you still didn't find good VPS I recommend this hosting provider I have had the experience of working with different hosting companies, and these guys have proven to be the best! They do everything qualitatively, and at an affordable price!
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