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Posted: 2020-11-12 15:33
not sure what your point is?

99% of researchers thinks Newton formula implies infinite gravity speed in Newton gravity, this u can see from series of papers and books, examples:

"“We may fairly conclude that a finite rate of propagation of gravitation is inconsistent with Newton’s inverse square law or any other force that is function of distance only.” Journal of American Physics

"“In Newton’s theory of gravity, perturbations of the gravitational field propagate at infinite speed.” journal of Physics"

I prove this very clearly is totally wrong, they stare at G that they invented in 1873 without understanding what G truly represent...if u do not understand my proofs or not want to understand them, u can anyway not understand them without study them carefully...then just good luck to u!

I suspect some qualified referees will understand, after some more polishing I will submit to journal, but to publish takes time, for it to get influence on the many lost researchers take even more time, could easily take years..

This is also why they very incorrectly think the Planck units only can be found from G by dimensional analysis despite they have spend millions of dollars trying to detect Planck scale

The Planck scale has always been in front of their nose. U can feel the Planck scale every second, it drags your arse towards the ground. Gravity is the missing Planck scale!

Newton formula (after calibration) is only partly relativistic, the gravity speed is c_g=c in it (unknown to the many researchers), but still we need to make the two masses relativistic, as I already have done. And then perfect fit with supernova data. No longer need for the of dark energy fantasy (fudge factor!)

I said 99%, so yes 0.9999% think the speed in Newton gravity is just much much faster than c, google up papers on this. And then it is the 0.00001% = Me, that do not think, but that have Proved once and for all it must be c_g=c embedded in Newton!


Stay tuned!

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