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Posted: 2019-08-05 15:17
"Ah. I am such an idiot".
Sometimes, also: "OMG, how I could not understand this in the first place?"

Is it a sin? Then, I confess. Sunday was yesterday though.


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Posted: 2019-08-05 15:45
I was in the gym at lunch. 20 min into my CV routine (and there was literally no trigger for this) I realized I'd cc'd completely the wrong, external person on an e-mail. Loud music playing on my headphones and I must have shouted "oh fuck" very loud about 6 times before I had confirmed I was, in fact, a total retard.

On a laager on a hill. A long way from Avondale.


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Posted: 2019-08-05 17:08
The subject was inspired by this fragment from "Amarcord" by F.Fellini.


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Posted: 2019-09-29 09:21
confession: I watch a lot of cat videos.

Chiral is Tyler Durden


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Posted: 2019-09-29 20:25
I wash my own clothes in the sink in posh hotels because Gandhi wrote about it in is autobiography and said it was sating.

It really is very gratifying.

On a laager on a hill. A long way from Avondale.


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Posted: 2019-10-27 17:20
There is a word for that

The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom Henry L. Mencken


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Posted: 2019-12-10 05:33
Confessing on behalf of a “friend”...!

Said friend was in the audience of an AI conference in mid 2017 and unimpressed with the so-called experts who were presenting.
A good number said very little of substance. Several were promoting their books, consulting services or just looking for a job.

Friend turned to his neighbor (me) and we both agreed we could have given better quality talks. Friend made a wager with me that within a year he would be invited to speak at an AI conference despite having zero relevant background.

Fast forward and it took him 6 months to get the first invite. Then followed a large number of invites to speak at AI, data science, Deep Learning etc etc events despite having no relevant academic or practical experience in the subject!

Now my confession: I find it terrifying the barrier to entry to be considered an “expert” is so low and very worrying.

Following my friends run of conferences, he then upped the ante. We went double or quits that he could get himself invited to both NYU and Columbia to lecture. Again that took about 6 months. And - even scarier - he was then invited to lecture a full course.

So now we have a situation that started as a dare getting out of hand.

The current challenge I gave him is to get invited to the UN, FRB or some other gov or regulatory group to lecture them on AI. I have no doubt he can make it happen.

My confession (part 2): I now feel guilty in encouraging this behavior further. At the same time I want hm to start one of his presentations with “I know nothing about AI and am only here because of a bet that I could make myself look like an AI expert and get invited to talk an event like this .. ..”


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Posted: 2019-12-10 07:39
It's all because of you?
Is he a bot?
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