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Posted: 2019-11-04 04:01
Choosing classes for my upcoming sophomore spring semester. Planning to eventually take both, but which would help particularly in regards to recruiting for junior summer internships (likely quant trading or research)? I would be using C++ in scientific computation.

Topics covered in Scientific Computation in Numerical Analysis: computer arithmetic, nonlinear algebraic equations, direct methods for systems of linear algebraic equations, polynomial interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, and initial-value problems for ordinary differential equations

Topics covered in Math Stats: Sampling distributions of statistics, estimation of parameters (confidence intervals, method of moments, maximum likelihood, comparison of estimators using mean square error and efficiency, sufficient statistics), hypothesis tests (p-values, power, likelihood ratio tests)



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Posted: 2019-11-04 18:53
I think the names of the courses pretty much answer the question. If you want to do software development, take the computing class. If you want to do trading, take the stats class. Then again classes don't mean shit you need to learn how to learn on your own anyway so to that end take whatever's easier/better lecturer/less homework etc.

did you use VWAP or triple-reinforced GAN execution?
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