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Posted: 2019-11-21 08:41
Copper Molybdenum Alloy for Heat Sink
Molybdenum copper composite materials are produced by copper infiltration of sintered molybdenum. They are available with different copper contents (15-50%).
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of molybdenum copper can be tailored by adjusting the composition, which is the same way with tungsten copper composites. MoCu is much lighter than tungsten cooper, which make it more suitable for aerospace usage.The most important usage of MoCu is heat sinks for electronic devices. Properties for MoCu compositesCompositionMo wt%Cu wt%Density g/cm3Thermal conductivity
W/(M.K)CTE (10-6/K)
Mo85Cu1585 卤 2Balance10160 鈥?1806.8
Mo80Cu2080 卤 2Balance9.9170 鈥?1907.7
Mo70Cu3070 卤 2Balance9.8180 鈥?2009.1
Mo60Cu4060 卤 2Balance9.66210 鈥?25010.3
Mo50Cu5050 卤 2Balance9.54230 鈥?27011.5
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