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Posted: 2020-02-28 18:19
New Book out.

Anyway, looking forward to him logging on here to correct me that he technically released it before Ash Wednesday.

"Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious."


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Posted: 2020-02-29 01:04
My favourite bit of Taleb the past few years - deep nettles learn well because they get convex payoffs just like us options traders, bro!

He’s literally trying to make the case that deep nets are a robust forecasting tool. Surely you have to at least fit one neural net to some real data before writing a 10 tweet thread about hockey sticks.

did you use VWAP or triple-reinforced GAN execution?


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Posted: 2020-02-29 10:57
Chapter 22 amazingly well written, I know he write exceptionally well, but did not know he could write that amazingly well! Big Smile

well just my humble opinion!


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Posted: 2020-02-29 11:46
Sometimes I ask myself who these practitioners are he is talking about.

Ich kam hierher und sah dich und deine Leute lächeln, und sagte mir: Maggette, scheiss auf den small talk, lass lieber deine Fäuste sprechen...


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Posted: 2020-03-03 18:22

@ Maggette - Strawman Capital Advisors, LLC

Thank you, Naseem, for a book in the style of Mandelbrot.
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