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Posted: 2020-02-29 19:52
How is everyone holding up after this week? Swings were pretty wild but seemed like a fairly "normal" crash as far as crashes go. We saw some futures correlations break down (gold vs equities) and equities become much more synchronized.


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Posted: 2020-03-01 16:06
On our side I guess the right term to describe the week is.... "nuked".

Happens time and again. Last time P&L looked like this was back in Fukushima's days.

Let's hope all this messing around with this stupid virus will stop soon. I am slowly discovering the extended powers that a government can have in such situation, even in western nations. Scary.

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Posted: 2020-03-01 16:18
My stuff did pretty well. In fact, I was giggling like an idiot the whole week.

PS. This said, I'd rather it did not happen.

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Posted: 2020-03-01 16:19
@goldorak: Much is described in A.Camus "La Peste" ("Plague"), but hopefully it is not the scale of disaster.

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Posted: 2020-03-01 19:25
Surprisingly well. Plan the trade and trade the plan.

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Posted: 2020-03-01 20:10
anyone got any info on how certain hfs and strats performed this last month?


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Posted: 2020-03-01 20:15
If you were positioned for this you did well. The question is what plays out next.

I see a 30-40% drop through to July if we replicate the Chinese slowdown from a Covid 19 pandemic.

If things abate and Covid 19 is mopped up we may go 5-10% lower.

I remain fully (equity) short irrespective. I'm reprising some older trades RE: EUR split from the old days.

I'm fortunate to be in my own shop now but while I got the right positions it was at the cost of much more remunerative things...

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Posted: 2020-03-01 22:39
OK, ish.

I wasn't really positioned for it, but it didn't manage to hurt me either. Great Jan, not great but better than average Feb.

We'll see what happens next. Valuations need a lot of trimming. If it takes covid to point that out, so be it.

But being short everything is a bit overaggressive for me. It's the relatives we are playing for here. Timing delta is a losing game.

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Posted: 2020-03-02 05:46
Great week, made 2 months worth of profit in a week.
Fingers crossed the volatility stays high and I don't get nailed.
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