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Posted: 2020-04-06 23:16
I've been working in a family business in the consumer services industry since 7 Years. I am 27 years old and I am a passionate of Math and Finance, currently in a German University. After graduating in math from university I will be 30 y/o and I would like to go into a MFE or breaking into the industry. The intellectual stimulation, the mathematical problems and working on projects attract me a lot. I would like to become a quant researcher or pm. I am capable of outlining and presenting complex issues in a simple manner. Also, I love research and to investigate Datas like a Detective to get the answer of the question. I like getting to dig into companies and understand what makes them tick. I like to understand the competitive dynamics, understand the needs of advertisers, understand user behavior. I am good at figuring out how to solve problems independently and I am always generally curious about how things work. I like to think about catalysts / what move the stock in the ST. I tend to focus on the big picture and I am able to think strategically and maintain their long-term focus. I am genuinely fascinated by the markets, game theory, human psychology, and such a level of high-stakes decision making.
I have been talking to some IB & PE guys. They told me that I should go into a MM Bank or LMM PE. Is a career in Banking or at a quant HF right for me? M I too old? What job at a HF or in Banking would suit me? Should I pursue an quant research career? Do you think quant funds are still a good long-term-career?


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Posted: 2020-04-21 21:19
Who knows mate. Right now, nobody knows anything.

Try it. Go for a few interviews, see if you find a place you like and if you can make them give you an offer you like.

Nobody can tell you whether you would be happier in a bank or a fund, or in what kind of job. You won't know yourself until you are five or ten years in.

You are on the older side, but you are not too old, especially by German or Italian standards. Good luck.

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