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Posted: 2020-04-23 05:06
Hi guys, I have recently received 2 jobs offer and do not know which possition is better(compensation is at pretty the same level):

Model risk specialist - responsible for identifying and evaluating model risk and propose controls to manage that risk.

What I figured out that it's more project work. There are many people with PhD from Maths/Physics etc. On this position I will need to work with code. Moreover I will be specialist at the VP level

Valuation risk team leader- responsible for oversight of profit testing of FX products and the price testing of exotic products,prudent valuation methodologies development. What I figured out that it's more process-type work. There are rather people with finance background. Not sure how much I will use programming skills. I will be a team leader at the AVP level but in the BB bank (so better than in the first position

Both positions based on the description seem to be interesting. What do you think which job offer gives better prospects / exit-ops?
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