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Posted: 2020-04-26 17:55
If you are interested in psychological and scientific literature then you need to know that the novel The Great Dream was written in 1939 by Raymond Chandler. This work was called a crime novel with a hard boil in which several cases of crime were presented. Of all the common themes presented in the novel, modernism is one of the most significant, through which crime has taken hold. Modernism in the novel was presented in different perspectives. The themes, characters, and storyline of the novel were involved in the presentation of the philosophy of modernism. The presentation of the philosophy of modernism in the novel is more practical since the scenes of the journey to modernism are the same scenes that are experienced in the real-world situation. Therefore, modernism is a concept important for past, present, and future events in society. The essay aims to analyze the presentation of the philosophy of modernism in the novel The Big Dream, illustrating how it is presented through the characters and events in the novel. You can find more interesting information about this novel at the link
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