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Joined: Feb 2018
Posted: 2020-05-05 16:45
Does anyone have a recommendation for reasonably priced NYSE and/or NASDAQ equity tick data vendors?
What is your experience with the quality of the data?
What is pricing like?
How has the quality of the API been in your experience?


Its Grisha

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Posted: 2020-07-07 17:27
Bump - been tasked with some shopping around myself. Anyone use or hear anything about algoseek? For intraday US equities.


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Posted: 2020-07-07 17:41
from software-thread.


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Posted: 2020-07-07 17:53
Algoseek is only historical afaik. We've used it for medium frequency platform, was good per price paid.

Its Grisha

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Joined: Nov 2019
Posted: 2020-07-07 17:57
@nikol Ah missed that one, my mistake.

@sharpe_machine - Thanks, medium frequency here as well, real-time would be sourced elsewhere. So as long as the history is good quality. I'll reach out to them to at least start a conversation.


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Posted: 2020-07-16 00:10
ICE Data Services..

Are you looking for raw binary data or a consolidated format?

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