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Posted: 2020-05-31 12:35
I entered finance at quite a late stage, and have worked mostly at asset management arms of insurance firms or at insurance business lines in hedging / ALM roles. Mostly quite diverse roles and I can't complain. However, if I have any regrets, it must be that I've never been able to work at a bank or HF in trading or structuring. Not because of the pay, but because of the experience missed.

I'm OK with that of course but still curious as to why. I suspect it's not necessarily one's college degree and theoretical knowledge that counts, but the amount of practical experience one has. And that is something that you can only build if you immediately start in trading/structuring fresh out of college. Basically, I suspect if you don't start out in trading/structuing within the first say 5 years after college it is going to be quite impossible to do it later in life. Is that correct?

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