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Posted: 2020-06-19 13:08
How to get the credit amount

1. The same ID can only apply for a bonus account for a trading account
2.The profit generated by the bonus can apply for withdrawal
3. After the bonus is paid once, the bonus is cancelled
4. The bonus principal portion Cannot be extracted.
* Please contact your Introducing Broker for the application of the $20 experience fee and the detailed rules of the event

* All rights to explain the event belong to Horseforex

5% of the credit available for deposit
How to obtain the credit amount:

1. The same ID can have multiple accounts with the same name to participate in the activity;
2. The credit amount is 5% of the deposit;
3. After the deposit is successful, the customer service application credit is submitted in the member area;
Activity rules:

1. Self Apply for the credit amount to apply for the withdrawal of the credit amount when the same amount of standard credit volume is completed;
2. Extract the profit portion before the task is completed, the credit amount remains unchanged, and submit the principal part of the withdrawal request in the unfinished activity household. , the credit amount will be canceled;
3. Malicious hedges are prohibited from taking credits;
* Please contact you Introducing brokers to apply for 5% of the available credits and the detailed rules of the activities;

* The right to interpret all activities is owned by Horseforex;


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