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Posted: 2020-06-22 10:35
Hi all,

I am a credit risk analyst at an IB, doing fundamental credit risk analysis of counterparties.

My career goal would be to transition into more of a risk modeller role, where I would be responsible for the development of models for credit risk and potentially other types of risk (market for instance).

I have some experience in coding in various languages and performing my own research of trading strategies, so, I have some background in coding and statistics/econometrics, however, no formal education in these fields (my degree was in general finance).

I am thinking about completing a 2nd masters degree, in computational finance, and trying to estimate if that would help me with my desired transition onto the "modelling" type of work.

Do you believe I would have good chances to make the transition, post-MSc?

I am very thankful in advance for all replies! :)
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