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Posted: 2020-07-09 16:55
I work as a rates derivatives modeling quant in a BB IB (think GS, JPM, etc) in its offshore locations. One option I have is to do a masters in MFin/MFE from the US to get a shot at buyside.

From what I understand in terms of overlap of skills, my work ex might me more relevant for quant hedge funds or quant trading firms. However I wanted to understand if funds that are non-quant or quantamental (i.e. may employ quant analysis for signals but are discretionary), would not be willing to give me an interview at all because of my profile?

Why I ask is because I am not 100% sure if I really want to be a quant in a quant HF/shop. I am still exploring my options, and I have been reading strategies like global macro and fixed income RV and I see funds that are discretionary that trade based on quant signals which I find really exciting. So is it still possible for me to get an interview for a trader role in such firms?

My research tells me that I should be able to at least get interviews at these firms because I see that such firms tend to hire from undergrad colleges too and are looking at pure talent/skills/potential and not relevant experience really at least for the not so senior roles. However I'd like to get some opinion from here as well. Thanks in advance!
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