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Posted: 2020-08-24 04:00
My firm has been investing in companies in digital health with a data/ML angle. One of them is looking for a data scientist. I thought I'd post it here as an opportunity for someone who wants to use their skills in a new industry. Send me a CV if interested.

Data Scientist (Orlando, FL)

1nHealth is a digital technology company in the health care industry. The Company exists to leverage its proprietary platform to accelerate participant enrollment in clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and consumer health industries.

The company is seeking a Data Scientist –This individual will report to the CEO and should have a strong understanding of computer science and experience/knowledge of various programming languages. Prior team leadership and/or management would be a strong plus. Some experience interacting with all commercial aspects (sales, marketing and customer support) is ideal. Compensation offered will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the role, and experience of the individual.

Responsibilities: * Assume the lead role in managing the company’s data development and become the subject matter expert on algorithmic machine learning processes. . * Assume a leadership role with the hiring and development of more junior data scientists as is required. * Work in close coordination with the company’s IT staff and contractors to ensure seamless integration of all operational systems. * Lead the new product development process for the company, especially as relates to organizing and managing projects resulting in new product offerings or extensions of current portfolio. * Interface with company executives and work closely with Scientific & Clinical Affairs associates whether they are serving as a company colleague or in a consultant capacity. * Lead and oversee the delivery of data results to support the company’s current and anticipated customer requirements

Requirements * Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following majors: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics highly desired * Strong interest and experience in data science through past/current job, past/personal projects, papers, etc. * Possess at least 2 years’ experience as a data scientist * Have experience with one or more programming languages; Python/Java/R/C * Excellent communications skills and ability to work with colleagues in the US as well in the international regions. * Proactive and problem-solving attitude, and good team player. * Organized, results-orientated enjoys fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. * Data transfer portal / Back-end development experience a plus.

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