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Posted: 2020-10-30 18:44
staring at your monitor for hours at a time giving you a headache? Computer glasses might help. Here's how to pick a pair that works best for you along with some of our favorites.
we spend more and more time at home and staring at screens, we're becoming increasingly vulnerable to eye strain. You've probably already heard of blue light and how it can hurt your eyes, and maybe a pair of blue light blocking glasses caught your attention. But it's important to understand that there are lots of options for reducing eye strain when staring at screens, and they go beyond just getting new lenses. Here's what you should know about blue light, and some of your choices for reducing your exposure to it.
I sometimes get light-sensitive headaches, and I've found that tinted lenses can help reduce them. For that, blue light blocking glasses are very useful. They warm up the light, blocking out a bit to give your eyes a rest. They can relieve eye strain, which is their real value rather than the promise of simply blocking out blue light.
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