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Posted: 2021-02-06 21:29
You quants familiar with "the wheel strategy"?

I plan to release that as my 1st step towards selling this:

I'm targeting retail, with enough capital to pay me $500 for disclosing the details on #2.
Business plan is simple: I'll do a "bulk database commit" on 1000 contracts or I won't do none at all.
So 1000 retail customers will get the details at the same time in exchange for $500, making
the endeavour worth at least $500,000 from my point of view.

Biznis algo:

a) Start with something everyone knows and make it more convenient to use just to get traction: #1
b) Add proprietary extra that actually works and will vapourize the moment it's released as public knowledge:
#2 will be two strategies I researched in the meanwhile and sort of work but -ish.

Here's the half-baked formula for one of them (the lesser one):

c) Introduce #3 either to "everyone" (case when sooner or later will cease to work, hope you get those $500 back), or to just one. For $1MM or more.


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Posted: 2021-02-07 15:57
You should do an ad on youtube. Plenty of those schemes already but I'm sure with good charm and some reddit magic people will flock :)

Et meme si ce n'est pas vrai, il faut croire en l'histoire ancienne
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