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Posted: 2021-03-31 03:29
Lab testing is very important before any gemstone or diamond is bought, it has to be certified by a good laboratory. Consumers should be wary when buying gemstones and diamonds and not fall prey to advertising tactics like celebrity endorsements, offers, and discounts; the only way to be absolutely certain is to demand an appropriate government lab certificate, which clearly states the authenticity of the gemstone and any treatments it may have undergone.


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Posted: 2021-03-31 04:00
GSI is a certified and well-known gem lab. GSI gemological laboratory offers an unmatched variety of products and basic diamond grading services to the most sophisticated testing and examination using advanced tools. The lab offers sorting of melee, origin testing of loose diamonds and gemstones, treatment identification, laser inscription on diamonds and gemstones, metal inspection, and 360-degree virtual imaging on every loose diamond. The expert and specialised team generates several types of grading reports depending on client needs and are printed with differing formats, details, layouts and sizes that vary for coloured gems and diamonds.
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