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Posted: 2021-05-21 08:30
Is the 1995 replica Breitling Watches Old Navitimer "Snowbirds" Limited Edition the best Navitimer ever?

Canada 431 Air Demonstration Squadron A13022 on Zeitauktion

Breitling produced 1,000 Old Navitimers with red and white logos at 3 o'clock. This is much more than the number of pilots in the Royal Canadian Air Force’s demonstration team. But that’s okay: it’s much easier to test drive the 1995 Breitling Old Navitimer "Snowbirds" Limited Edition than the roll-on package with the CT-114 instructor. You just need to wear it on your wrist, close your eyes, and pretend you are a Canadian calf. Or Iceman, it's up to you.

Among all Breitling, "Navitimer" is my favorite one. I already own quite a bit of it-my favorite is the referee of Navitimer Fighters. A13330 comes with a brushed case and bracelet, I like them very much. Unfortunately, Navitimer disappeared from the series because he found himself seduced by the limited edition "emergency". When I found the Old Navitimer A13022 with a special limited edition logo on the dial, it made me miss the Navitimers of the past and made me think about it again. Maybe this itself. After all, it is one of the best designs ever. But is this the best? Breitling NAVITIMER 1959 LIMITED EDITION

Flying 1995 Breitling veteran navigator "Snowbird" limited edition

I can really see myself shaking the 1995 Breitling Old Navitimer "Snowbirds" limited edition stainless steel case, measuring 41.8×14.6mm. I think this is the best size for Navitimer. Okay, the original model from 1959 had a 40mm case, as did the Ref watch. 806 1959 Re-Edition, but 0.2mm less than 42mm, making the watch more modern. Breitling even "inflated" the Navitimer GMT case to a staggering 48mm, but this is too big for me-even out of proportion. This is a bit like what Volkswagen did to revive its original Beetle. The new Beetle looks like a 110% version of the car you see on the street. To be sure, a 48mm Navitimer is suitable for 110% of people, IMHO-bigger than life figures.

As old as the original Navitimer 806

Back to the reality of the ancient navigator. Why choose a veteran navigator and not just a navigator? Well, in the 90s, mechanical discount cheap watches rose rapidly after being almost eliminated by quartz models. Breitling subsequently re-launched Navitimer. The original manual winding Venus 178 is not, but the automatic Valjoux 7750. A complete range of varieties has been introduced, such as an airborne aircraft with its 4 sub-counters. The old Voyager keeps it close to the 1995 806s with its reverse panda dial and three counters.

The ETA 7750 inside is a comforting idea

With no conspicuous bezel and polarized crystals, the 41.8mm old Navitimer "Snowbirds" limited edition looks bigger. Again, the bezel may be small, but still unique. Under the flat mineral glass, the "Snowbird" version displays a unique slide rule, sticky hands, and Arabic numerals in a cream-colored tri. Inside the case, the sturdy case back is engraved with the Snowbirds logo, which beats the self-winding movement B13, which is basically a trustworthy ETA7750. Well, you are not planning to buy this 1995 Breitling because of its movement, but because of its appearance. That is to say, there is a solid chronograph movement inside, which can be easily repaired and/or repaired, which is a comforting idea. Although many people will point out comparing performance with modern internal alternatives, this statement doesn't make much sense to replica watches

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