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Posted: 2021-06-15 14:36
At the philosophical level, hermeneutics is concerned with understanding. According to ancient Greek legend, the god Hermes was supposed to explain the messages of Zeus to people, providing an understanding of these messages.

Hermeneutics deals primarily with the problems of interpretation and understanding of texts. (In a broader sense, "hermeneutics is a philosophy about being a person in the world and understanding this world through language and experiences."

The cognitive activity of people is directed by the goals that they set for themselves, the tasks that must be solved with a help of, the needs and interests that must be satisfied, the motives that induce cognition, the attitude to what serves as the object of cognition (as well as to the cognitive activity itself) , the significance that for a person has that which should be cognized by him. All this serves as the basis for selectivity already at the stage of perception, the source of the fact that in any object of sensations and perceptions, he singles out some aspects and often does not notice others at all, consciously and voluntarily distracting from them or acting involuntarily and unconsciously.
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