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Posted: 2021-07-11 16:31
Essay (French essai - attempt, sample, essay), a literary form, a small prose text that expresses an emphasized individual point of view of the author. The task of an essay, unlike a story, is information or explanation, rather than a dramatic depiction or retelling of a life situation. An essay achieves its goal by means of a direct authorial statement, which does not require the creation of Tips for preparing an IELTS essay


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Posted: 2022-09-04 12:06
An essay is a short piece of writing in which you do one a subject and tells about it in brief, through the essay you are able to describe a subject in your own word but you do research about it gather information about it and then write an essay. I remember when I do an essay on cheap reseller panel so I do research about it and then do write essay on it and that essay is liked by everyone and liked by everyone.


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