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Posted: 2021-07-23 17:49
I just have thoughts after reading an article.
Can You Bet On Anything You Want To?

I just decided I want to bet on a unique topic or asset or anything that is not already traded anywhere else.
Example: I want to bet that country X would ban marijuana in 2022?

Now, are there companies that welcome any type of bets on any topic like my example above? They take a look at it, decide if they want to take the other side of the bet or hedge their risk in another market. If they like my bet, they structure a market for me and inform me about their commissions and terms of the trade. If I am fine with the terms and commissions then I accept, and then they make the market for me?

I know what I described above looks like an OTC market. However, OTC can not be accessed by just anyone, so except I am an institutional/registered trader I cannot trade on OTC. Also, OTC is primarily for financial derivatives and not bets on random topics like marijuana.

Thanks for your contributions.


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Posted: 2021-08-09 13:25
For a reasonably sized bet, you'll likely find insurance companies will be happy to price this.

If you're talking about small bets, your keywords are "social betting". Look it up.

I have used a platform called "betmoose" where this is the business model. You can come up with any question that has a verifiable outcome and people will bet on it. It's crypto only though. There are other similar platforms for traditional markets as well.

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