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Liam Davis

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Joined: Nov 2021
Posted: 2021-11-25 16:49
The latest iPhone innovation was expected to be something more impressive. I got upset finding out that a new smartphone doesn’t actually differ much from its last option. Of course, they are talking about ‘incredible updates’ of cameras, but you know it has already become a tradition to ‘improve’ this feature dramatically. However, if you take a picture with iPhone 12Pro and 13Pro, will you see any difference? I don’t think so. How Apple will surprise its fans in the near future? They lost this ability back in the days. They want us to believe that we need Apple Tech Innovation, even though it is far from the case because they sell old models with a new dressing. However, even the latter doesn’t differ much. Indeed, what changes can we face? Provided the smartphone with a thicker design? Made thicker camera bumps? Added a few new colors of cases? I don’t think all these changes are worth spending a fortune on a new iPhone model. Of course, fashionistas and those who want to show off will stand in line to purchase this device, but I don’t think it is worth all the effort.
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