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Posted: 2021-12-08 09:10
A lot of Icons feel more powerful than ever in FIFA 22.Updates to the motion capturing and animations, including the all-new 11 vs 11 HyperMotion technology, makes player movements feel more realistic than ever before. That's very noticeable when it comes to Icon cards, many of whom feel like completely different players because of this change.

Millions of players across the globe have been getting stuck into the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in order to obtain a hugely valuable Icon card that will fit into their respective squads.

Prime Icons are some of the best cards you can obtain in FIFA, and currently, we are waiting for Prime Icons to be added to FIFA 22. We already have base and mid-icons, but some of the best players in the game are only available as Prime Icons.

Here's a look at 15 of the best cards on offer in this year's edition.

15. Rio Ferdinand
14. Laurent Blanc
13. Socrates
12. Cafu
11. Paolo Maldini
10. Zinedine Zidane
9. Emilio Butragueno
8. Ronaldinho
7. Patrick Vieira
6. Johan Cruyff
5. Diego Maradona
4. Eusebio
3. Pele
2. Ruud Gullit
1. Ronaldo

Not only will these players be available to acquire from Icon Packs soon, but also normal Gold Packs as well, although you would have to be incredibly lucky to do so!

When do FIFA 22 Prime Icons Come Out?
According to past FIFAs, Prime Icons have usually been added to the pool of packs between December and January, with them being made available during the FUT Freeze promotion in FIFA 21. With FUT Freeze likely beginning this Friday, as well as Icon Swaps potentially on the way too, we may see Prime Icons drop into the game on Dec. 10.

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