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Posted: 2022-07-30 17:01
Hello! I'm an undergrad student studying math from a top uni. Originally, I wanted to be a mathematician. But, in combination with being first-gen / non-traditional student, wanting to make money, wanting to use my past leadership experience, and having an interest in the markets, I decided to go into finance.

I'll be going into my junior fall semester this August and have already accepted an IB internship at a very solid bank for summer of 2023. Anyways -- I thought I wanted to go the more "traditional" finance route and during my private equity internship this past summer I realized I missed math too much. Math is a big passion in my life, so I've been trying to figure out paths that use this -- hence quant.

Grad school for me is not out of the question, but I am also feeling that I should go straight into industry. From researching the path, it seems like for the quant research path you need a PhD and for the quant trading path you can make do with a bachelors. I should mention that I'm advanced within pure math, have taken no statistics (which I will take this semester), and coded minimally through my math research (taking first coding class this semester as well).

My concerns are two-fold:
1) Will I hurt my chances of getting a quant full-time offer if I do my IB internship for my junior summer instead of a quant internship?
2) If I did back out of the IB internship, will I have missed the boat with recruiting for junior summer quant internships anyways? Given the fact that I am missing key skillsets and must spend some time learning them.

If anyone could provide some wisdom to a confused college student, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Posted: 2022-08-04 08:27
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Posted: 2022-08-04 09:18
"a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

the IB experience will stand to you - be prepared to work hard.
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