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Cereals, miscellaneous grains, sweet potatoes, and cassava are used as feed, which must be crushed before feeding to aid digestion. The degree of crushing should be determined according to the conditions of livestock and poultry. Pig and cattle feed can be crushed into 1~2mm medium particles or coarser particles; chicken feed should be ground titanium powder. Sweet potatoes and tapioca can be cut into pieces, dried and crushed. Hammer mill will work perfectly, it can crush various raw materials such as wheat, corn, rice, soybean, peanut, millet or other solid materials such as bones, dried meat, etc. The final size of the material can be controlled by inserting sieves with holes of different sizes

If You Want To Make Feed Pellets For Poultry,You Need Poultry Feed Pellet Machine
For long-term storage, silage would be a good choice. Silage is stored in various cellars, ponds and vats and fermented under anaerobic conditions to produce lactic acid. It can ensure the nutrients in the green fodder and improve the utilization rate and digestibility of the green fodder. It is to adjust the surplus and shortage of green fodder season and off-season. The poultry chicken feed production line is a complete set of equipment specially used for making poultry feed pellets. Read more at


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Thanks! I just had a dream about cereal and you are talking about cereal :)
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