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Posted: 2004-12-14 21:27

what to do?  Is there too much complacency?  sorry for any mispellings here.....

I keep on coming back to the image of a poster in the office of a very successful head of evil trading here as SuckCool....the poster shows some cows eating grass.  One of the cows is saying to the viewer, "It's just grass."

mkay, so it's just grass.  Why do we need to apply conservation laws and SVMs and GAs and Kahler manifolds and super cool models of skew to the cube of volatility jerk off movements? 

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Posted: 2004-12-14 22:21

For those who haven't seen this piece by Warren Buffett in Fortune.


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Posted: 2004-12-14 23:36
Good article by Buffett - a flexible, adjustable quote system.

Unfortunately, on a personal level, spenders have fared much better than savers for the past ~15 years. Like, why-oh-why didn't I get into real estate 10 years ago or borrowed at negative real rates last year?

And, realistically in the next few years, spenders will be bailed out again by Fed allowing inflation - at the expense of savers. That's because there're so many spenders in the US (gov't included), and politicians will have to bail them out.

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Posted: 2004-12-15 14:16

"That's why I aksed Congriss to make maa tax-cut package perminent!"


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Posted: 2021-01-05 17:39
"spenders have fared much better than savers for the past ~15 years."

15 years more
Would be interesting to benchmark.

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